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Rankin Lake Baptist Church



Rev. Jim Loftis


March 2020

From the Pastor

Can you imagine…it is raining, AGAIN!  I think many of us have expressed something like that over the last few weeks.  It seems about every 3-4 days there is another “front” coming through that pushes moisture our way.  I realize you are probably tired of the rain; I know it is pushing me that way, too.  But in a few weeks, when we reach the    drier time of the summer, we all will probably be saying, “We sure need some rain.”  Wait and see!
As the moisture moves in and out, I hear people saying parts of their body hurt.  I am not sure about the physiology, but people talk about aches and pains when the temps are cool and the air is moist.  I’ve heard some things about barometric pressure influencing our bodies and how we feel.  Honestly, I’m not sure about all the particulars with these pains, except hearing people talking about their relationship with “Arthur” (that is    arthritis).  Doctors have told me I have beginning stages of arthritis.  I’m not looking forward to the full onslaught of that.
It is interesting that we can be influenced so heavily by things we have no control over. I am certainly not trying to minimize people’s pains, especially as it relates to something they can do nothing about.  I wonder about conversations we can have with our doctors about ways we can minimize some of those pains.  Since we cannot control the weather, can we do something with our bodies?  Physical therapists remind us often to keep   moving, since so many of us have become increasingly more sedentary.  Maybe those conversations with professionals can help us with some of those pains.
In my thinking, there is a parallel with some of the struggles alluded to above and the issues we have in church.  Our relationship with God and our daily walk with Him is “movement” where we are constantly learning and growing in our faith.  We cannot sit still and expect to see great strides of growth, whether personally focused or in our church.  Often I hear the phrase:  “Practicing my faith.”  Our faith is not some static event where we are impacted in some way by God once and from that point on we have no role in the experience.  Truthfully, God works in our lives and world.  Then those ways draw us to Him.  As we grow (or mature) in our faith, we learn what it means to walk with Him in all aspects of our lives.  The challenge for us is to realize God has His role in this and we have our part too. 
Moving forward into spring, may each of us realize we can see God best as we stay   closest to Him.  We grow and mature faster when we take the short approach—day-by-day walking with and seeking Him. Stay in His Word, pray often, seek Him and stay connected with other believers to encourage and affirm each other.  Let’s put that into “movement.”
Your Pastor and friend,

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